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About Us


Our vision is American public art and architecture that embodies the nation's ideals.


Founded in 2002, the National Civic Art Society is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit whose mission is to protect and advance a beautiful and meaningful American civic realm. We do this by educating about and promoting the classical tradition in architecture, urbanism, and their allied arts. That tradition--originating in antiquity, developed in the Renaissance, and drawn upon by our Founding Fathers--continues today in the work of artists, architects, and urbanists whose creations embody our nation's noblest aspirations. Through our programs and initiatives we assist these practitioners; guide decisionmakers, government agencies, and officials; and educate teachers, students and the general public in the preservation and creation of decorous public buildings, monuments, and spaces. While our mission is wide, our focus is on federal architecture and commemorative works, and in particular America's capital city, whose dignified classical buildings and plan were intended as a model for the entire nation.


We achieve our mission by:

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