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Issues and Selected Publications

Rebuilding New York's Original Pennsylvania Station

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"The Grand Gateway in Waiting: Envisioning the New-Old Penn Station." Epoch Times. 12 Feb. 2017.

"It's Time to Rebuild New York's Original Penn Station." Forbes. 27 Jan. 2016.

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The Classical Plan of Washington, D.C.

Video: Washington: The Classical City

"We Must Preserve the Founders' Classical Vision for Our Nation's Capital." Public Discourse. 17 Jan. 2013.

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The National World War I Memorial

"A First Look at the WWI Memorial Competition: The Best Entries Are All Classical." Forbes. 4 Aug. 2015.

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The National Eisenhower Memorial

"Bob Dole Is Wrong: The Eisenhower Memorial Needs to Be Right, Not Rushed." Roll Call. 6 Aug. 2015.

"Opposition to Gehry's Controversial Eisenhower Memorial Is Clearly Bipartisan." Roll Call. 11 Mar. 2014: 20.

"It's Time to Bury Frank Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial." Roll Call. 3 Feb. 2014.

"Why Congress Should Support a New Eisenhower Memorial." Public Discourse. 8 May 2013.

"A Video-Game Eisenhower Memorial?" Daily Caller. 24 Oct. 2012.

"Let's Not Politicize the Eisenhower Memorial." Huffington Post. 1 Mar. 2012.

"Frank Gehry's 'Eisen Curtain' Must Not Descend Upon the National Mall." Daily Caller. 12 Oct. 2011.

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Contemporary Architecture

"Why Can't the New Urbanists Get a Fair Shake?" Forbes. 21 May 2015.

"The American Institute of Architects' Outreach Campaign Is Doomed to Fail." Forbes. 18 Mar. 2015.

"Architecture Continues to Implode: More Insiders Admit the Profession Is Failing." Forbes. 8 Jan. 2015.

"Frank Gehry Is Right: 98% of Architecture Today 'Has No Respect for Humanity'." Forbes. 3 Dec. 2014.

"The Debate over Classical vs. Contemporary Architecture Needs to Continue." The Washington Post. 24 May 2012.

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Design Competitions

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Historic Preservation