Proposed Eisenhower Memorial Gallery:

The NCAS has launched a dedicated website,, to investigate the competition, planning, and design for the proposed Eisenhower Memorial. The centerpiece of the website is our extensively researched and documented report, which is being distributed to Congress and other interested parties. The report contains a number of findings:

  • The Eisenhower family opposes Frank Gehry's design for the Memorial. The president's grandson, the family's sole representative on the Memorial Commission, has resigned from the Commission.
  • The Memorial competition was poorly advertised, used an opaque selection process and was poorly accountable to Congress and the American people. Only 44 entries were solicited. This is hundreds fewer than the number of entries submitted in previous national memorial competitions, which were open to all.
  • An unknown, unconnected designer could not have won, let alone even entered, the competition. It was thanks to America's openness to talent that Eisenhower was able to rise to the presidency from a humble background. The Memorial competition should have been equally open.
  • The Memorial's only statue of Eisenhower depicts him as a life-size teenage boy. As Eisenhower's grandaughter said, it is one thing to see him as a young boy, but the young boy was not the man who defeated an evil totalitarian empire.
  • The Memorial's titanic columns tower over the Ike statue. The result is a Leviathan Memorial swallowing a small scale Eisenhower. The memorial commemorates Gehry, not Eisenhower's greatness and humility.
  • Eisenhower's traditional taste would have rejected this monument. As he lamented in 1962, "What has happened to our concept of beauty and decency and morality?"

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